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OUR CLUB HISTORY ...     On the eve of February 20, 2007, in the meeting room of the Greene County Cooperative Extension Office in Waynesburg, the Greene County Photography Club was born. Pamela Blaker of Waynesburg, was instrumental in establishing the first county photo club. Pam together with Jerry Hardy, a local professional photographer and a retired school teacher, pooled their thoughts, working together on the inception of the first photography club in Greene County. After reaching out to Greene Countians through flyers, newspapers, and word-of-mouth, the club finally was formed. The initial meeting allowed attendees to introduce themselves share ideas, and participate in what has become a monthly exhibit and photo contest of club members.

Pam who is herself interested in photography, outlined some of her ideas in starting the club and provided a survey sheet for those in attendance asking for input on their ideas for the club activities. For our initial meeting, Jerry Hardy shared 20 tips for taking good pictures. Jerry is a local, professional photographer as well as a form teacher in the Central Greene School District. Jerry's knowledge and expertise of photography offers so much to the club members.

As our club began to grow, we felt a need for club officers and at our May meeting (3rd monthly meeting), we decided who those officers could be. The competition was fierce -- but Pam Blaker agreed to serve as Club President and Jerry Hardy agreed to be Vice President. Denise Chadwick accepted the position of Secretary and Debbie Hoy as our Club Treasurer who will be handling our financial transactions and records. At a previous meeting, the club members had strong feelings about having a website to share photos, information and tips. At the time, with the absence of an experienced webmaster, Ruth Thornberg was volunteered to establish a website for our club; which when contacted, Ruth agreed on designing the club's request.

The club website actually went LIVE on May 30, 2007 ( -- thanks to the knowledge and efforts of Ruth Thornberg (a club member, as well as the webmaster by profession). Ruth graciously took on the task of establishing the website and will be maintaining the site as well.

And also a special thanks to Pam Blaker and the other owners of GreeneSAVER for sponsoring our website for the first year; which means that GreeneSAVER will be paying the monthly fees for having our own little place on the world wide web. The club thanks Ruth and Pam for their expertise and assistance in our website endeavors.
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The Greene County Photo Club meets every 4th Tuesday at 7:00 pm at the Waynesburg Bible Chapel (located on Greene Street in Waynesburg, just before King's Car Wash near the underpass) -- unless otherwise posted.

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Kickoff Attendees

Those attending our GCPC kick-off meeting::
  • Bob Bedison
  • Ruth Bedison
  • Pam Blaker
  • Fran Hardy
  • Jerry Hardy
  • Jo Hart
  • Candy Hoskins
  • Daunice Lohr
  • Kay Mooney
  • Keith Moredock
  • Janice Morris
  • Kay Namolek
  • Laura Sponaugle
  • Patti Stewart
  • Carolyn Whitehead
  • Beverly Yoskovich
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    Each month's meeting will feature an exhibit/contest for those present at the meeting. Each person who attends the meeting is invited to bring three photos to the meeting for the exhibit. As he or she comes into the meeting, pick up a Post-it note, attach it to the photo, put a number on the note, and place it on the exhibit table. During the meeting, each person in attendance will pick up a ballot and vote for their first three choices. By the end of the meeting, the ballots will be counted, and the first three place winners will be announced. Those three pictures will be featured in the next month's newsletter. AND do not be intimindated! This is not a big deal. Its purpose is to share what works with each other ... SO, check out our monthly photo winners which are linked to the newsletters page.
    When Pam contacted Jerry about her wish to start this club, two ideas came most prevalently to his mind. First, he was delighted and excited; as he'd wanted to see such a club in Greene County for years. Secondly, he felt that his and Fran's (his wife) 2-year membership in the Taylor County Photography Club had given them many positive experiences to share with the Greene County Photography Club. Jeffy suggested, and Pam agreed, that a good way to get the club off the ground was to model it after the Taylor County Club. Basically, that is what has been done to this point. Taylor County has meetings with an educational, contest, and fellowship format. Copying that seems to be working. They also go on photo field trips (which me may join) and that should also work.

    In May-June 2007, we implemented club dues, club dues which will be collected in January each year. The current membership dues (2016) are $12 for individuals and $15 for familis.

    Original Club Officers (2007): Pam Blaker, President; Jerry Hardy, Vice President; Denise Chadwick, Secretary; Debbie Hoy, Treasurer; and Ruth Thornberg as Club Webmaster.

    Beginning January 2008, our meeting dates changed from the 3rd Tuesday evening to the 4th Tuesday of each month. Plus our meeting place moved to Room 110 at Stewart Hall of the Waynesburg University; where a digital projector is available for our use. In 2008, our club meetings moved to the Waynesburg Bible Chapel (located on Greene Street in Waynesburg, just before King's Car Wash near the underpass).

    PSA logo Our Photography Club is a Member of the Photographic Society of America, a worldwide interactive organization for anyone interested in photography. Contact Janice for the club id to access PSA materials, information and services available to each of us as a club member. Also enjoy their Camera Club and Councils newsletter: The Projector.

    . . . Thank you again for visiting our GCPC website.
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